1250 word min. at least 3 scholarly sources due 3/24

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Using the scholarly sources from the Internet and in the CPS library, research the serial killings by Dr. Harold Shipman (aka Dr. Death), the English doctor who is estimated to have killed over 236 of his patients. Write an essay of your research meeting APA standards. Use a minimum of four sources for your research. In your essay, discuss in detail the following case aspects.

  1. Other than biographical or background information, discuss the salient case facts and issues. Include in this discussion a description of how the case unfolded, as well as facts of evidence, especially forensic facts, uncovered during the investigation.
  2. What was Shipman’s murder weapon of choice? How did this weapon allow him to go undetected for so many years? What other steps taken by Shipman helped to keep these killings from being discovered?
  3. Did your research indicate any motive of Shipman for the killings? Why do you believe he killed his patients?
  4. Before the final killing that revealed these serial murders, another investigation was conducted but was concluded with no actions taken. From your research, what evidence or facts were overlooked in that first investigation that would have revealed these murders sooner? Would that evidence or facts have been enough to convict Dr. Shipman?  Why or why not?