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In their works of literature, as well as the ways in which they expressed their outlooks, Lorraine Hansberry, James Baldwin, and Audre Lorde have each given us an opportunity to think about the notion of “place.” When it comes to a “sense of place,” there tends to be a subjective and emotional attachment (Agnew). We may consider the ways in which we form attachments to home, neighborhood, institutions, and nation, and how feelings about space and place can be affected by cultural identity. It is sometimes suggested that “place offers a sense of security and space represents freedom…we seem to be attached to one and long for the other” (Tuan).

But who knows what is true for each person? There are times when “place” could be one’s worst nightmare, even though it is supposed to offer a sense of security.  And at other times, “space”—even if it could mean freedom, an individual might become very lost or indecisive when presented with many possibilities. Each author had their own lived experiences that shaped their identity and their writing.  There is a lot for you to analyze in these writings.

Choose one of the following authors: Lorraine Hansberry, James Baldwin, or Audre Lorde.  Discuss how pieces we have studied: “A Raisin in the Sun;” “Letter from a Region in My Mind,” “Stranger in the Village;” or “The Uses of Anger” examines the notion of “place.”

This essay must be 1500 words minimum.  Use Times New Roman 12-point font.  In addition to the primary piece(s) by Hansberry, Baldwin, or Lorde, a minimum of five scholarly sources are required.  It is strongly recommended that you find these sources using the Galileo database.  No shortcuts like Cliff Notes, Spark Notes, Wikipedia, etc.  So much has been written about these authors and their work.  Please use scholarly sources.  

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