2. write a function with header [m] = mymax(a) where m is the maximum

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2. Write a function with header [M] = myMax(A) where M is the maximum (largest) value in
A. Do not use the built-in MATLAB function max.
3. Write a function with header [M] = myNMax(A,N) where M is an array consisting of the N
largest elements of A. You may use MATLAB’s max function. You may also assume that N is
less than the length of
M, that A is a one-dimensional array with no duplicate entries, and that N
is a strictly positive integer smaller than the length of A.
Test Case:
4. Let M be a matrix of positive integers. Write a function with header [Q] =
, where Q(i, j) = sin (M(i, j)) if M(i, j) is even, and Q(i, j) =
cos (M(i, j)) if M(i, j) is odd.
5. Let P be an m × p matrix and Q be a p × n matrix. As you will find later in this book,
M = P × Q is defined as M(i, j) = kp=1 P(i, k) · Q(k, j). Write a function with header
[M] = myMatMult(P,Q) that uses for-loops to compute M, the matrix product of P and Q.
Hint: You may need up to three nested for-loops.
Test Cases:
6. The interest, i, on a principle, P0, is a payment for allowing the bank to use your money.
Compound interest is accumulated according to the formula
Pn = (1 + i) Pn1 , where n is the
compounding period, usually in months or years. Write a function with header
[years] =
mySavingPlan(P0, i, goal)
where years is the number of years it will take P0 to
become goal at
i% interest compounded annually.






1. Do Problem 5.2 in Siauw and Bayen.

 2. Do Problem 5.3 in Siauw and Bayen.

3. Do Problem 5.4 in Siauw and Bayen.

4. Do Problem 5.5 in Siauw and Bayen.

 5. Do Problem 5.6 in Siauw and Bayen.

 6. Do Problem 5.7 in Siauw and Bayen

7. Do Problem 5.9 in Siauw and Bayen.

Use rem. Do NOT use “isprime”.

8. Do Problem 5.10 in Siauw and Bayen.

You should copy your function from Prob 5.9 as a subfunction in myNPrimes.
Deliverables: Submit the following m-files (separately, not zipped) onto Blackboard. Be sure that th
unctions are named exactly as specified, including spelling and case. myMax.m myNMax.m myTrigOddEven.m myMatMult.m mySavingPlan.m myFind.m myIsPrime.m myNPrimes.m