(3) Introduction Responses by tomorrow

Picot Statement And Literature Paper 800 Words Due Sunday Morning At 10:00 Am EST Absolutely No Plagiarism
August 1, 2019
Complete all analyses in SPSS, then copy and paste your output and graphs into your homework document file
August 1, 2019

(3) Introduction Responses by tomorrow afternoon a total of $15.00Hello my name is Gordon Jablonski. I live in sunny Florida with my spouse and two dachshund puppies. I enjoy swimming in the pool reading and going to the beach. I like to explore new places. I am always going out in the town trying to find new and interesting places to eat and visit. I decided to continue going to college after I earned a bachelors degree from Ashford University which is UoRs sister school. I received my BA in Psychology and since most of my work experience is in the human service field I decided to continue on in getting my MA in Human Services. Going to school has taken me some time. I actually graduated high school in 1999 but had some setbacks. So I became a nursing assistant at a technical college and worked as a nursing assistant for many years in a nursing home. Then one day I found a job offer to work in a mental hospital. I interviewed and was hired. I really enjoyed doing the nursing duties in the mental hospital. I was able to use the psychology theories I was learning at Ashford to help my patients. However as the years went on I decided I did not want to become a psychologist or counselor but rather I wanted to work in the human services field and have a degree that wasexpansive. With the MA in HumanServicesI can work with children adults or senior citizens. It is a degree that can be used in many different fields and is portable. I feel that I am a person who can handle working and online studies. I usually do a little bit of school each day and make sure to get my posts in on the 1st 3rd and 7th day of each week. UoR is set up very similar to Ashford’s student portal and classroom so I am very thankful to have such a smooth transition. Something that would support my journey would be to ask questions so if my classmates can ask me lots of questions it helps me gather my thoughts so that I can be thorough in my responses and focus in. I hope to meet all of you and look forward to working with you in this master’s class! See you soon!Hello everyone My name is Maria Gonzalez and I live in sunny San Diego California. Iam an academic advisor at University of the Rockies’ sister school Ashford University. I have worked there for close to two years now. It took quite a long time for me to decide to take the next step and start my journey to getting my Master’s degree. This is only my second class so far and I am pursuing a Master’s in Human Services. I received my undergrad in Sociology and Criminal Justice from Cal State Northridge. My future career goal is to become a probation officer or to work in a re-entry organization to helpex convictsget back into society and stay out of the criminal justice system.In my free time I enjoy to work out and be active in general. I have competed in one powerlifting meet and I am in love with weight training. I also enjoy going on hikes and playing beach volleyball. Currently I am also at a stage where I am eager to travel as much as possible. I realized I have not traveled nearly as much as I would like so I have made it a goal to change that. I plan to take a trip in the next few months and I am not 100% sure where yet so any recommendations would be appreciated! :)I do not have any children andmy immediate familydoes notlivesnear me. I moved away from my hometown almost immediately after High School. Since then I have lived in Santa Barbara Los Angeles and now San Diego. Both my parents and all of my siblings live in my hometown which is a tiny city in central California called Bakersfield. I do go back home to visit but I do not plan to ever move back.I am very excited for what my future holds!Good luck to everyone!Yvette’s Info: ( I moved away at 18 years old too to marry my military husband and travel the world I love to travel. My exerciseconsistof walking a mile 5 days a weekthatsall. )————————————————————–Helloeveryone my name is Bridget Patterson and I was born and raised in Detroit Michigan. Im a divorced mother of three adult married children with children of their own. In total I have nine grandchildrenwhomare my highest joy and with this many grandchildren as you all know it can become considerably noisy in my home. But I do love every minute of it even when they are competing for my attention. At this time I have been laid-off from my job and it has been really tough finding work; so I decided to return to school.I have two degrees from Ashford and I accomplished my first degree in 2011 which was a BA in Psychology and it was an exceedingly exciting field of study. In 2014 I graduated with a Masters in Organizational Management with a Minor in Healthcare Administration; so now Im back at the University of the Rockies to fulfill what I was so passionate about in the past thats helping people. Im a masters student here majoring in Human Services with a Minor in Mental Health Administration and this is my second online class.My hobbies include: collecting varieties of music as well as cooking and trying out new recipes. I also enjoy trying out new wines while listening to music and eating. Also I really get pleasure from watching cooking showslike:Chopped Beat Bobby Flay and The Pioneer Woman etc. In closing I am looking forward to learning a lot from our instructor and my fellow-students; I wish all of you the best of luck with each andeveryoneof your career endeavors.Your student and classmate Bridget PattersonYvette’s Info: ( I am adivorcemother of 4 sons and 4 grandchildren. I got 2-degrees at Ashford UniversitytooAA-Degree in Business & BA-Degree in Heath and Human Services. I also like to watch cooking shows Chopped and Bobby Flay)




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