3 pages, double space | Operations Management homework help

Part I – 40 points

Write a one to two page (double-spaced) summary of what you have learned about operations management. What have you learned while completing the course work? How can you take this knowledge and apply it to your career field or the career field you intend to enter? Give specific examples. In your opinion, what was the most interesting topic covered in this course?

Part II – 50 points

Find a news paper or magazine article that discusses a topic related to operations management. Summarize the article and relate it to one or more of the course topics covered in BSAD 400. Your write up should be one to two pages in length and double-spaced. Make sure you either include a link to or a copy of the article you chose.

Possible sources of articles include but are not limited to:

· www.businessweek.com

· www.entrepreneur.com

· www.fastcompany.com

· www.wsj.com (Wall Street Journal)

· SUNY Canton online databases available through the library website



the topics related to the course are shown in the pictures

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