400 word Discussion Public Health (Ethical Research Practices)The study of emerging infectious diseases

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Due 7/25/19  7 p.m EST

400 words not including title and ref min 3 APA




When many people think of research ethics, they think of the informed consent process. The informed consent process allows potential research participants to make a knowing, considered decision to participate voluntarily. In the 21st century, informed consent and other research ethics practices are facing new challenges, such as the handling of “big data,” genomics research, and the need to study rapidly and ethically the emerging infectious diseases in times of pandemic threats.

With these thoughts in mind:

Write a discussion on the ethical challenges to address: (LISTED BELOW)
The study of emerging infectious diseases

Post a description of the ethical challenges facing epidemiological researchers in the 21st century for the topic you chose. Identify at least two strategies for addressing these ethical challenges. Finally, explain how you will address ethical integrity in research during your dissertation research process. Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources and additional appropriate scholarly references.