Accountability in Educational Research

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Litchka, P. R. (2007). No leader left behind: Planning to prepare effective educational leaders in  this era of accountability.  Educational Planning, 16(2), 44-52.

Lund, J., & Shanklin, J. (2011). The impact of accountability on student performance in a  secondary physical education badminton unit.  Physical Educator, 68(4), 210- 220.

Uellendahl, G., Stephens, D., Buono, L., & Lewis, R. (2009). Support personnel accountability  report card (SPARC): A measure to support school counselor accountability efforts.  Journal of School Counseling, 7, 1-31.

Winch, C. (2001). Accountability and relevance in educational research. Journal of Philosophy  of Education, 35(3), 443-459. 



After reading 3 of the 4 articles, write a 5-7 page paper, not including the title page, reference page. Answer the following questions in the paper:


 What did you learn from reading these articles and how does it apply to accountability in education? (CACREP SC I1) What is the significance of research in education? (CACREP IIG 8 a) How does research advance education? (CACREP IIG 8a) What are problems, issues, and/or limitations related to research in education? (CACREP SC I1) How can research findings inform change, provide accountability, and produce evidence-based practice in education? (CACREP IIG 8e, SC I5)




APA 6th Edition

At least 5 pages (does not include title or ref page)