Alternative sexualities | Sociology homework help

In the segment of a textbook chapter by Guest (2014) that you read, the author discusses three anthropological studies which he refers to as “alternative constructions of sexuality.”  He does not want you to think of these practices as strange or even bizarre.  Rather, he wants you to (1) understand them from the perspective of the people who practice them and (2) see how they challenge something about our society’s views on human sexuality. That is, by learning about other peoples’ practices, we can expose our own (usually subconscious) ethnocentrism through which we view and interpret everything.

Choose ONE of the three anthropological studies and answer the following questions (please number them in your post as usual):

  1. What did you initially think about this society’s sexual practices when you read the ethnographic case?   What about their practices most affected you and why?  (Be honest; you’ll not be judged for your first impressions.)
  2. How are these people’s practices understood by themselves according to the anthropologists who study them?  Are their actions socially acceptable in their society?  Why or why not? comprehension, substantiation
  3. In the Video OLLs for this module, you learn that human physical biology permits us a huge range of sexual ideals and practices, but culture limits what we do and what we think about it.  Biology permits…culture inhibits.  How does this apply to the particular anthropological study you chose? comprehension, substantiation, thoughtfulness

For Question 3 this is the OLL video

Evaluation Critieria:  Completion, comprehension, substantiation, thoughtfulness

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