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A discussion board that needs to be completed. Here are the details directly from the instructor. 

“In Week 3, you read the first two acts of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Consider what you learned about Prospero and Miranda, as well as the other characters you have been introduced to so far in your reading of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Describe which character you most relate to and explain why. What event or conversation in the play made you realize you could understand this character’s plight? Remember that you have only read the first part of the play at this point. With that in mind, how might you have managed the character’s situation so far, if you could step in on his or her behalf? Explain why.”

Also, “Initial post of 150-200 words…. Post should include references and examples from the resourcesReferences to the resources should be cited using APA format
Proofread discussion posts for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.