Analyze and Critique Research

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You have spent some time in this module, learning how to select, analyze, and critique educational research; it’s now time to apply those skills.

Think back to the questions from Selecting, Analyzing, and Critiquing Research. Through this assignment you will demonstrate your understanding of how to select, analyze, and critique research.

For this assignment: Identify a quality early childhood education research article online from a quality source (as discussed on the Selecting, Analyzing, and Critiquing Research page in this module) that was written within the past 3 years. Using proper grammar and correct spelling, write a 1-2 paper analyzing and critiquing the article using the questions above. Do not simply answer the questions with a “yes” or “no” response; answers should demonstrate knowledge, application, and analysis skills. (This paper should not be a summary of the findings but rather a thorough look at the research itself.) Include information on how you determined the research was from a quality source. Include an APA formatted reference page.