APA 12-15 PAGES-NO PRICE NEO/Crisis of Communication: Analysis of a real world issue or a PR disaster

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Crisis of Communication

This paper will be a written assignment where you will showcase your understanding of communication theories and what you can do when there is a crisis in communication. 

This paper should be between 15-20 pages, at least 1.5 spaced, one inch margins and 12-point font. Additionally, you should use APA Style Formatting (here’s a great resource for this: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/). Please exercise discipline, originality and creativity. 

You can examine a past crisis and evaluate the effectiveness of the organization in dealing with the crisis and/or attempt at creating your own public relations strategy / intervention for eg Uber, Harvey Weinstein, Martha Steward, Wells Fargo, United Airlines, elementary school teachers dressing up as Mexicans and a border wall for Halloween… the list is endless.

Your task is to apply your knowledge of the communications theories and approaches discussed throughout the semester to an analysis of a real world issue or a PR disaster. You may critique the communication choices made as well as suggest alternative actions that could have been taken in the case study you selected. 

Better yet, attempt at a public relations plan you would have undertaken if you were at the helm. I do not need you to be a PR whizz but what I wish for you to do is to challenge yourself and take on creative, strategic thinking.

Your paper should be firmly based in the various tenets of communications theory, strongly supported with at least 8 references and listed in the bibliography.