Applied statistical techniques

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Assignment 1A is part of a two-part assignment. 1A is a take-home which must be submitted through the portal by the cut-off time. The second part of the assignment (Assignment 1B) will be conducted in-class as a quiz, using the data from 1A.

Assignment 1A :

Montgomery 6.4.9 An article in Nature Genetics [“Treatment-specific Changes in Gene Expression Discriminate In Vivo Drug Response in Human Leukemia Cells” (2003, Vol. 34(1), pp. 85–90)] studied gene expression as a function of treatments for leukemia. One group received a high dose of the drug, while the control group received no treatment. Expression data (measures of gene activity) from one gene are shown in the excel file “Gene data”. 

Using this data create a report which graphically and statistically describes the data and then state if you think there is a difference between the 2 groups. What issues do you see in evaluating this data? This report should be no longer than 1 page of written text (no smaller than 11 font). Plus a maximum of 4 tables, graphs or figures (in total).