Archeology assignment | Architecture and Design homework help

Part 1. Please respond to the following review questions for the film Unearthing Secret America

  1. What was the “starving time”? What evidence show how the settlers at Jamestown adapted to this struggle?
  2. How did the evidence from the Bald Cypress trees help to explain what happened at Jamestown?
  3. Who is Ywone Edwards-Ingram?
  4. What do historical records show us about the idea that “people do not willingly remain slaves”?
  5. What are subfloor pits?  What does archaeology add to an understanding that African people resisted their enslavement?
  6. Who was Lydia? How does the interpretation of slavery at Williamsburg help us understand the lives of enslaved Africans?
  7. What do food remains recovered by archaeologists show us about slave life?
  8. How did Jefferson design the house and estate at Monticello around slavery and to hide and control his slaves?
  9. What is Mulberry Row? What have we learned from excavations there?
  10. Why did Jefferson change from farming tobacco to wheat? How did this change impact slave life? How could this change be considered a form of resistance?

Part 2. Please also respond to ONE of the following questions in a (min.) 250 words short essay.

1. How did archaeologists come to understand the difference between evidence of poverty vs. ethnicity/culture in the archaeology at Parting Ways?

2. What is colonoware? How did its discovery open up a deeper appreciation of how African Americans resisted slavery?

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