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 First using the theoretical orientation and corresponding concept to treat the study. Use person centered therapy use concepts like acceptence, openness to experience,, self actualization, self trust, reflection, internal locus of evaluation, growth promoting climate, congruence, actualizing tendencies, genuineness, here and now experiences, unconditional positive regard. Next use above to address the following: Identify a case study that you would enjoy developing a therapy plan for. Discuss ho the case study would be addressed in therapy according to the chosen theoretical orientation above. Also include very specific concepts related to the chosen theory, Also avoid broad general concepts that are not related to the specific theory. Identify possible goals and interventions appropriate for this chosen orientation. Also apply objectives and include knowledge about the personality theory, the APA ethical code and also ethical issues and social issues, concerns related to the field of counceling. Explain the theory, techniques of helping and also the process. Practice effective attending skills and also the helping responses. Express the core conditions for effective helping, positive regard, empathy and lastly genuineness. Also apply theory and learned techniques in role play helping situations please. Also demonstrate critical, self assessment skills, analytical skills.