Assignment 1

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  Assignment: Annotated Bibliography

When writing a paper, among your goals are the articulation of credible and critical analysis. You want your reader to understand your position or idea but also to see that it is grounded in previous research and facts.

Research takes time, from the standpoints of time spent searching and critical reflection. One tool that can help you focus these aspects of research is the annotated bibliography. In this Assignment, you create an annotated bibliography to help you begin your research process for the Week 2 Assignment.

To prepare: Review the sample annotated bibliography found on the Walden Writing Center website listed in the Learning Resources. Review the Week 2 Assignment. Locate three sources for your Week 2 Assignment paper.    

Write an annotated bibliography for three resources that you will use in your Week 2 Assignment paper. Your annotated bibliography should contain the following: A brief introduction of about 100 words that summarizes your Week 2 paper topic. Note: This topic may evolve between now and Week 2, which is acceptable. However, attempt to stay within the same focus area so that you have enough time to adapt before the Week 2 Assignment is due. An APA-formatted reference for each of the three sources you find for your Week 2 Assignment. 
Note: The reference formatting itself is not worth a significant amount of points; however, do attempt to create the most accurate APA reference possible with the goal of practicing your referencing skills. A 150 word annotation that includes the following: A brief summary An analysis of the source An explanation of how you plan to use the source