Assignment ba2500 (marketing – ac).

I have an assignment that has 7 questions and it need to be answered in my own words not copy and paste from the internet or the book. 

This is what the teacher posted in blackboard 

((Please see attached assignment . It is only over Ch’s 8 & 13, however, you may need to reference Ch. 14 too. 

This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment, needs to be in your own words, and needs to be uploaded through the safe assign in blackboard. 

You need to watch the two videos under week 13. I would recommend watching the first one and answering the questions, then watching the second one and answering the questions.))

Video 1

Services Marketing ch8 video link :

Video 2

Capital one asks what’s in your wallet ch13 video link:

Also if you need anything else just let me know 

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