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Information systems in the corporate world

Information systems in the corporate world Introduction The corporate world has wholly embraced information systems but many businesses lack proper governance thus failing to effectively use these systems to realize significant benefits (problem). This is important because information systems form a vital component of every business thus effective measures should be applied to create a […]

Information Security Assessments

Information Security Assessments Cyber-attacks pose real problems to organizations with an IT infrastructure—which translates to just about every corporation or agency around the world. Corporations invest a lot of resources (personnel and money) and time on maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and accountability and non-repudiation of data. One course of action for achieving those objectives […]


Phishing Abstract Phishing is an attack that entails acquisition of sensitive information like personal data, and sometimes money, though indirectly. The attacker either masquerades as a trustworthy person or uses entities that appear genuine in an attempt to lure an unsuspecting victim into a security breach trap. There is a number of mitigation approaches against […]

Stock markets

Stock markets 1. Introduction 1.1 Nature of the case Stock markets across the world remained relatively stable in 2017, but the year still saw a number of business scandals that can be attributed to ethical violations. This report focuses on the case of Kobe Steel, Ltd., a Japanese-based company that manufactures and sells steel, aluminium, […]