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Time to Raise the Profile of Women and Minorities in Science -> To change the equation, start changing the perception

Gloria Steinem said, “Women have always been an equal part of the past. We just haven’t been an equal part of history.” Along these lines, over the past few years, we discovered some pretty ugly news about our beloved Google Doodles. We had been making these embellishments to the corporate logo on our home page, often in honor of specific people on their birthdays, ever since the company was founded in 1998. For the first seven years, we celebrated exactly zero women. Between 2010 and 2013 we did a little better: women accounted for about 17 percent, men of color 18 percent, women of color an appallingly low 4 percent; 62 percent of the honorees were white men.

 Gender equality champions did the math and called us out, quite publicly. The Doodle findings held up a mirror to the unconscious biases we had inherited.The problem is far bigger than Google. Women and minorities are not as clearly visible in the science and technology workplace and indeed in our culture in general.

Pair with a colleague and help cultivating minority scientists by presenting a scientist bibliography (poster, paper or PowerPoint).

Your presentation should contain the following components:

-First and last name of your scientist

-Picture of your scientist, drawn and colored, or if from the Internet it should be cited (Web site)

-Date of birth and date of death, if scientist is no longer living

-Country/state where he/she was born  Occupation/type of work

-2 facts about the person or events from his or her life

-2 Major contributions (new ideas, discoveries, or new understandings of the natural world) the Scientist has made to benefit Science or Mathematics

-Name the type or types of science this person studied. Examples: astronomy, chemistry, genetics, physics, etc.

-An event (war, discovery, invention, etc.) that happened in history while each scientist lived.

-List at least two sources used to conduct your research