Business statement for housekeeper and laundry

 A company statement, or a mission statement, clarifies the reason for the existence and the goal of the business. … An important part of your business, the company statement clarifies the “who” and the “what” of your business goals. It is common for a company statement to change with the business as the business grows. 

1. five statements saying what your business can do that no other business can not do.

2, this a professional staffing company

3. cleaning business and a laundry business so five reasons for each company and two different papers

 you would have to introduce the business as a military spouse professional staffing team where we have a military spouse cleaning team and the other paper we have a military spouse team in laundry. every 3 years military family move so this staffing company look for jobs for military spouse.

4.also why the laundry and the cleaning company the best fit for this job?

5.Also we can start today everybody been through train and have taking safety class.

*you can write it in these steps if this work 

1.Business Description

2.Business services



Add all steps in the paper explaining why we can do the job, why this the best company, how we can get the job done, how the team was pick for the best candidate.

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