Case study analysis | opmt

 EasyFlower: Flowers Meet Business and Technology Examine the case study and look at it from an Operations Manager’s perspective. Answer the following questions: 1. What are the supply and demand features of the Chinese flower market and how do they differ from around the world? 2. What value does EasyFlower offer to the traditional flower sector? 3. What methods has EasyFlower used to shake up the traditional supply chain? Discuss in terms of push vs. pull strategy and the bullwhip effect. The paper must include an Abstract, a one-page Summary of the case and be fully APA formatted using the 7th ed. of the APA Manual The rubric used will be the one presented in the beginning section of your course page. There is no minimum or maximum number of pages or words. Make sure you use proper referencing and in-text citations. You must the case study and the text as references. Any material that is taken from another source must be referenced and cited. You must have outside references in your paper. This is an individual assignment. You are expected to use critical thinking skills in your discussion which will also require outside research.  

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