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Assignment Case 4 

Paper must be done in APA FORMAT. Paper must be 3-5 pages long, not including the title and reference page. Paper must have cited work and references. Paper must have headings within the paper for understanding and smooth transition. MUST CONCENTRATION IS K-12. NO PLAGARISM PLEASE. 

State and Federal Government Influence in Higher Education

one to one and half page

As a stakeholder in higher education, discuss the effects of the state or federal government’s influence and involvement on One Particular policy in “Higher education”. What type of influence does it have? Positive? Negative? Why or why not?

Alignment and Social Change

 Discussion: Alignment and Social Change In the context of research, alignment and social change will be important topics to return to as you prepare for the next courses in the research sequence and continue your development as a scholar-practitioner.

Consider, for example, what criteria are used in your discipline to evaluate alignment of research components. And in what way will your future research contribute to your identity as scholar-practitioner who is dedicated to positive social change?

For this Discussion, you will consider criteria for evaluating alignment among the various components of a research study. You will also reflect on your role as a positive social change agent through research.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post an explanation of the criteria you could use to evaluate alignment between data collection methods and other research components, such as the problem, purpose, research questions, and design. Then, reflecting on the course content, discuss the extent to which your newly acquired research knowledge and skills can support your role as an agent of positive social change. Be specific and provide an example(s).

Be sure to support your Main Issue Post and Response Post with reference to the week’s Learning Resources and other scholarly evidence in APA Style.

Reform in schools

Discussion on schools, the law and policy. Will send more info. Need 150-200 words one reference.