Catherine Owens

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Empirical Proposal Final Project. Building on your literature review from the midterm and the method from your conference presentation, you will propose a research project consistent with your own research agenda by drawing on course content. A key feature is that the project must be one you could possibly conduct and publish in the future. You may use any methodological approach befitting the research question(s). The proposal should be written in typical APA research report format and should consist of relevant sections: such as Abstract, Research Questions, Literature Review (drawing on previous assignment), Method section (description of participants, materials, and design/procedures), and a Discussion of the anticipated findings and contributions that you would expect this research to make to the literature. Of course, these sections will differ depending on your choice of methodology.

This paper should be approximately 2000 words in length (WITHOUT THE literature part BECAUSE IT is already done and posted to the assignment file)  , double-spaced, references not included, and follow APA format. Late papers will be downgraded.