Cmr 108 essays 2: courts, ethics, & criminal law

You need to read:

Make sure that you click through to the Module Page. Read the Overview page for this module, the reading assignment (including the supplemental reading on ethics), and listen to the lectures.

These are three short essay questions. Answers can be found in the text and lectures.

They are due on on Sunday night by 11:55pm.

Please use bullet points if appropriate. For example, if a question asks for three things, use this format to answer –
1. First point.
2. Second point.
3. Third point.


Question #1 (5 points):

Your company has been sued. The lawyers are on the case and discovery is beginning.

(1) Why will the two sides do discovery?

(2) What are the five most important forms of discovery? Explain each form.

(3) Why is each form undertaken?

Question #2 (5 points):

Your company is being sued. Your boss calls you into his office. He dose not want to go through the expense and hassle of going through the courts so he wants you to research alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

(1) What are the types of ADR?

(2) What is the process for each?

(3) What are their advantages and disadvantages.

Question #3 (5 points):

White Elephant Manufacturing, an international manufacturer, is considering establishing a program that actively encourages ethical behavior. Review the Supplemental Reading on Ethics预览文档

(1) What ten questions make up the checklist that White Elephant should give its employees to help them determine whether their decision making is ethical (note: be complete in identifying the checklist)?

(2) Who are five potential stakeholders that White Elephant may have a responsibility to?

(3) What are three ethical traps that White Elephant employees can fall into? Explain each.

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