COM 200 (Interpersonal Communicatin) Week 1 Complete A+ Graded

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COM 200 (Interpersonal Communication)


Week 1

DQ 1

Many people believe that communication skills are easy and should come naturally. As we have learned this week, learning effective interpersonal communication skills requires a lot of time and practice. Of all the skills listed in Chapter Two of Making Connections: Understanding Interpersonal Communication , which skill(s) are you most excited about improving in your interpersonal relationships? Why do you feel that you need to make improvements in this area? Based on the course material that you read this week, what are some ways that you plan on using these skills in your everyday life?


DQ 2

In Chapter Three of Making Connections: Understanding Interpersonal Communication , the author lays out many psychological concepts concerning the “self.” How do all these concepts relate to interpersonal communication? Also, give an example of how your “self-concept,” “self-image,” or “self-esteem” has affected your interpersonal communication.


Week 1 Assignment:


Week 1 Assignment Article Critique (Making Poor Communication) (550+ Words)