Command and Control Architecture

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Now that you have explored the various unmanned system C3 architectural design features and their associated elements, you should be able to compare and contrast via analysis the different technologies employed by the different operational domains (air, ground, maritime). Think of the deltas between the different domains and how those differences impact the use of unmanned systems from multiple perspectives, control, safety, human factors, policy, etc. Your response should include your analysis of two domains (air vs ground, air vs maritime, or ground vs maritime) and how the C3 architecture is both common and yet unique between the two different domains. Areas that you may want to explore could include any combination of the below elements or others that you identify.

 Uniqueness between 2 different domains: Environment (ex: air, water, mountain, sand …) Communication Links Command and Control Strategies Commonalities between 2 different domains Control Systems (ex: GCS, GUI …) Remote Vehicle (ex: UAV, UGV, UUV)