Community nursing discussion minimum 250 words for discussion part 1, | nursing

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What is the purpose of the research study?  What is the purpose of the study?  Be specific in identifying the research question(s).

Is the review of literature in the article comprehensive, current, and focused on the research question?

YouTube video on qualitative and quantitative research.  This will assist you in this week and future in construction your dicussions and your paper.  Link (Links to an external site.)Quant vs Qual Research

The following are the three articles: The one I have chosen is in bold please read and answer questions according to each article. 

1. Fujisawa H., Kumasaka, T. & Arakida,M. (2019). Influence of animal assisted therapy using dog for patients with stroke and examination of nursing care. International Medical Journal26(2), 126–134.

2. Yordy, M. (2020). Animal-assisted therapy: Promoting a healthy work environment. Nursing Management51(4), 24–30. (Links to an external site.)

3. Oyan de Moraes, V. C., & Spiri, W. C. (2019). Development of a journal club on the nursing management process. Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem72, 221–227.