Current health problem related to ethnic cultures (follow template)

For your final paper, you will write a 3-5 page paper describing one current health care problem and the utilization of health care services related to one of the following ethnic cultures you learn about in this course and in the textbook ( African-American/Black, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Hispanics/Mexican, Asian American or Muslim). Before submitting your final paper however, you will use this opportunity to draft your paper to any extent you wish and submit it for review. I will then review it to offer any suggestions or feedback. This will give you the chance to put your best foot forward, get a headstart (or even finish) your final paper, achieve the best grade you can on your final, and learn the process for peer to peer editing – a very common tool in writing papers in healthcare, academia, and other sectors. Draft Guidelines: 1. Read and understand the guidelines for your final paper. (ATTACHED) 2. Determine your concept. Use this assignment to write about something that interests you. 3. Find 2-3 evidence-based sources that will increase your knowledge about the concept. 4. Write the rough draft. The level to which you write the rough draft is up to you; you may write an introduction accompanied by an outline or something in its nearly final state. You may submit most of the draft and find you want to completely change parts of your concept by the time the final paper is due. Anything you submit is up to your discretion as the point of this exercise is to assist you with professional paper-writing skills. 5. Submit it for review to this page using Word or PDF no later than the deadline. Some things to keep in mind In looking at what you submit, I will not be reviewing for minor specificities such as spelling and grammar, but rather cohesive thought and demonstration of APA technicalities. I will mostly look at the paper content; I want to know you understand the assignment and have some ideas forming around the direction in which you are headed. It is up to you as the writer if you would like to include title pages, spacing, headers, etc. during the draft review process. Using the template below is optional, but available to you. I will then use the track changes and comment functions in Canvas to make any suggestions to you. As the writer, you have the choice as to whether you may implement or not implement my suggestions in your final paper. Rough draft grades will not be based on my suggestions as this is an exercise to assist you overall. You are encouraged to reference the rubric attached to this assignment when writing the contents of your draft, though it pertains to the actual final paper.

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