Data structures array | Computer Science homework help

 ***Must Use Eclipse***

In this assignment, you are required to write a Java application that accomplishes the following tasks:

  • Prompts users to enter the number of students and their names in this course, for example:

Number of students in this class:
Their names are:
Names of the students who dropped this class:

Hint: there are different data structures you can use in this  program. One of the options is to use ArrayList introduced in Background  materials. By the way, the sample program below does not accept user  input; you can also enhance the program by using Scanner class which was  introduced in CSC212, or go to Java User Input to refresh your memory.


Data structures & algorithms: ArrayList. (2014). Wendy Wang, Trident University.

Data structure: ArrayList. (2014). Wendy Wang, Trident University.

ArrayList video demo. The program in this video can be found at this link: learnArrayList_add_remove.

Assignment Expectations

  • The program should be able to accept user input.
  • Submit a word document which includes both the source code and the screenshots program result.

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