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 Please choose one of the following questions:   After reading the chapter on race and ethnicity, discuss how race is more of a social construct than biological.  Next, visit the PBS site on race and click through several of the activities on the site OR view the video A Girl Like Me (under “Lived Experience”).   Next, share a reflection on the activities or video, addressing race in the U.S. and relating it to topics in the chapter (such as prejudice, privilege, racism, etc.).  Why do sociologists find it important to differentiate between sex and gender? What importance does the differentiation have in modern society?  Find a recent news piece (within the last 3 months) on gender or provide an example of how gender is portrayed in the media (such as advertisements shown on GenderAds.com).  Share a link to your selected source or image and describe the connection to the course topics this week (such as sexism or gender roles). Compare and contrast the theories on aging from the readings. Have you observed any of these theories (such as activity or disengagement theory) in society? Find an example of a recent news piece (within the last three months) related to aging in the U.S. Share a link for your source and discuss the connection to the course materials (a full citation is not required).

The Week 5 Forum meets the following course objectives: Apply a sociological perspective to the social world. Analyze contemporary social issues using the sociological imagination and use sociological theories and concepts to analyze everyday life. Describe sex and gender, race and ethnicity, and the elderly in the United States as well as how prejudice and discrimination impacts certain groups of people in society.