Design product and journalism | Architecture and Design homework help

Portfolio of Design Work You must submit one 11-page magazine concept designed on InDesign, which will include:-A cover, a contents page, at least one double page spread, a reviews page, and six other content pages-You have to write all headlines, standfirst, captions, etc, and source all the images, but you do NOT have to write any of the content. This is a design and production project only. However, it makes sense to use real copy (you can copy from online or another module) so that it helps you design the work and write relevant headlines.

If you been have been referred on this element then you must produce 1,000 word case study looking at an element of the design or production process for magazines, newspapers, digital or mobile. A typical case study would be a comparison of design choices made from before/after a redesign of a magazine. Or you might look at how a Mobile App of a newspaper differs in design from a print newspaper.

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