discuss the process of building mobile applications

Discuss the company’s ability to meet short-term obligations and fund operations and capital projects, and give the results of operations.
July 31, 2019
Ethylene glycol-distilled water mixture with a mass fraction of 0.72
July 31, 2019

MKTG3110 Semester 1 2017 Seminar Topic Report and Presentation Week 4 (updated 20 March 2017) 1.
4. Students just need to answer the questions. Eg, Q1, Q2…Q3….etc No need for an executive summary, background, introduction, body and conclusion. The foundation for the answers in the article about Lyft and Uber, posted on Blackboard. Students will also need to source other information – some of which has been posted on Blackboard. 5. 2000 words (max. word count). The word count excludes references and appendix. 6. Use Harvard Referencing Method to reference information. 7. 1.5 point space and 12 point font. 8. Upload your report and presentation onto Turnitin / Assessment area of Blackboard. 9. No hard (printed) copies needed. 10. The marking guidelines for the presentation and report are posted on Blackboard. —————————————————————————————————- MKTG3110 S1 2017 Seminar Topic 1 Questions Q1. What do we mean by the “sharing economy” business model? Use Uber and other examples in your answer. Q2. How do think Uber and Lyft could develop this business model in the USA? Focus on the future – don’t review the current situation. Q3. What are the motivations for consumers to use and buy Lyft’s services? Q4. What is Uber’s competitive advantage in Australia? Q5. Explain Uber’s situation and performance in China in 2016. Q6. How can Lyft convert users, who are currently Uber customers, into becoming Lyft customers, in the USA. Q7. Using Uber as the example, discuss the process of building mobile applications. Q8. How can Uber use SMS, messaging applications, to generate leads and manage communicatons with customers? Q9. What is location-based marketing and how can Uber leverage this technology. MKTG3110 S1 2017 Seminar Topic 2




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The post discuss the process of building mobile applications appeared first on Homework Handlers.

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