Discussion 1/6 | Literature homework help

Discussion 1: chapter 1 of the book 

Question 1: How does anthropology compare with other social sciences that you may be familiar with?

Question 3: Is it possible to fully understand a religion if you do not believe in its basic tenets?

Question 4: What are the advantages and disadvantages of an emic  analysis? What are the advantages and disadvantages of an etic analysis?

Discussion 6: chapter 6 of the book

Question 1: Can you think of any religious specialists working within  American culture who we would classify as shamans? Why would they fit  this classification?

Question 2: What is the importance of religious specialists? Is the answer different for shamans and priests? Why or why not?

Instructions: 2-3 PARAGRAPHS FOR EACH QUESTION. Questions MUST be answered from chapter 1 and 6 of the book provided. NO PLAGIARIZING!!!!!!!!!! Answer each part of the question 

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