Discussion 2

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  Discussion: Predictions

If you used a flip phone in the early 2000s, would you have known that the idea of being able to carry a phone in your pocket would evolve into the reality of carrying a powerful computer in your pocket? Would you have seen how this technology would affect law enforcement in profound ways? For example, the ability to track a suspect by their cell phone use created many benefits for law enforcement, while also raising privacy issues. Perhaps you could predict the ability to pinpoint a location via a cell tower signal, but you may not have been able to predict the privacy implications. In this Discussion, you choose a significant feature or tool of modern policing and predict its long-term effects.

Post a response to the following: Identify one significant event or decision from the “modern” era of policing. To what degree do you believe the long-term implications of that event or decision were known at the time? To what degree do you think unintended consequences—positive or negative—could have been predicted Support your response with an article or other academically appropriate resource.