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The Discussion Assignment
This Discussion Board will look at different types of assistive technology   Due July 4th

Read about Assistive Technology on pages 314-315. Research Assistive Technology and find an example. Share your example in the first post to Discussion Board 6. For the assistive technology example list the following:

Grading Criteria

Name of item (20 points)

Description (40 points)

Cost (10 points)

How this item would be used in the classroom/Your opinion of this assistive technology (20 points)

Spelling and Grammar (10 points)

Grading Criteria
For a top score, you must respond constructively to at least two other students. More extensive participation will be noted.

Post your opening response to the question early in the assignment period so that others have time to respond to you.
A thoughtful opening response will include all required information.


Using Discussion Boards – Blackboard Student Help (opens in a new window)

Textbook- page 315

To Submit
Click on the words Module 6 Discussion Board

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