Discussion due in 16 hours



Answer the following question(s) (by replying to my example post below); type or copy/paste (from a Word doc) your initial post directly into the text editor  (the best posts will have a total of at least three (3) paragraphs with at least five (5) sentences per paragraph). ** Based on what you’ve read and learned in Chapters 15 and 16:

(1) After reading Chapter 15, do you believe that understanding research into gender and leadership will help promote more women into the upper echelons of leadership? Why or why not?

(2) Regarding Chapter 16, how do you think a leader can overcome ethnocentrism while still remaining grounded in her/his cultural values?

(3) Finally, since this is the final Discussion Forum for the course, consider the whole of our Northouse (2019) text, and describe/discuss which newfound leadership aspects you liked the best or learned the most (theory, chapter, etc.). Why did you choose that? Have you already (or will you) attempt to implement that in your professional or personal lives?

Be sure to utilize enough textual evidence to effectively argue and articulate your points and help your discussion flow smoothly. **

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