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Discussion Question 1 

• Reading : 

o Chapter 7: Qualitative Research Tools 

o Chapter 9: Survey Research: An Overview 

Book link: Business Research Methods 9th 9E Zikmund.pdf


You need to team up with another student to complete the Week 3 DQ1 and CLA1

assignments. You are hired as a researcher to provide consultation to Westcliff

University in helping the institution to better support F1 students who choose to study in

the US. Based on interviews with school administrators, you have concluded that WC

University is interested in improving student retention and graduation rates. You have

also formed the operational theory that student retentions are​ influenced by general and

academic adjustment, including financial and living conditions of F1 students. 

Your team is tasked with conducting a qualitative study, either through one-on-one

interviews (at least three students) or a focus group (at least five students). In

preparation for your study, you will need to answer the following design questions. In

this discussion question, you will “briefly” answer the following questions. NOTE: each

main post must identify team members. Each member will answer only to three of the

questions in their post. 

• • Is your research Confirmatory or Exploratory in nature? 

• • What is the orientation of your research and why? 

• • Why did you choose a focus group/ direct interview for this study? How did you

address some of the main disadvantages of your approach? 

• • What are some of the questions that you are planning to ask during the meeting

(focus group or 


• • How will you collect and analyze data? 

• • Will you consider projective research techniques?  

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