Ds 1

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Discussion 1: Explaining Behavior From Different Perspectives

For this Discussion, you will explore social psychology, personality psychology, and sociology in their approaches to explaining behavior. Consider the following scenario of Jason:

    Jason is a college student accused of making and distributing methamphetamine. If charged and convicted, Jason’s     dreams of medical school would be dashed. How would a social psychologist explain Jason’s behavior and his     decision to take this risk? To Prepare Review the Learning Resources for this week and consider how a social psychologist would approach and explain Jason’s behavior and decision. Also, consider how a personality psychologist or a sociologist would explain Jason’s behavior and decision. Consider how each approach is different from a social psychologist’s approach. By Day 3

Post an explanation of Jason’s behavior from the perspective of a social psychologist. Support your explanation with references to social psychology theory and research.

Read your colleagues’ postings.