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Across its many modalities, the social work profession challenges its members to continually re-evaluate the way we engage with others around our differences. Using the ecomap template provided, create a visual self-reflection of your comfort level working with each of the following groups: 

  • A person whose age is significantly different from your own
  • A person whose racial, ethnic, or cultural identity differs from your own
  • A person whose sexual orientation or gender identity differs from your own
  • A person whose socioeconomic situation is significantly different from your own
  • A person who primarily speaks a different language from your own
  • A person with a disability and/or chronic illness
  • A person with a criminal record
  • A person who is abusing alcohol or drugs
  • A person who is recovering from an addiction
  • A person whose political beliefs strongly differ from your own

To create the map, put your initials in the center circle. Then, using the key provided, draw a line from your center to each of the groups named on the map. The line you draw should reflect your comfort level in the present day – not in the past, or what you hope it will be in the future.

create a narrated response to the following questions:

  1. With which client groups do you feel like you would struggle the most?
  2. What specific actions can you take to work on biases and assumptions that would interfere with your ability to effectively help someone?

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