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Adam Smith provided the rationale why individual selfishness represented a positive development for the macro-economy. Garret Hardin’s seminal work indicates how selfishness alters a populated planet in different ways from an empty planet. As population grows, individual self interest increasingly conflicts with the common good. This philosophical difference between Adam Smith and Garret Hardin is at the heart of the environmental movement. 

Do a Google search for “The Tragedy of the Commoms”. Find a URL address that illustrates a good example of the tragedy, such as the Yellow River in China. The Yellow River offers a great example, though it is sad to see what is happening. Provide an extended summary of your example and describe your personal attitude toward this phenomenon. Also respond to another student’s posting. The National Geographic magazine devoted an entire issue to China; if you are interested, it provides wonderful insights:  As in the last Discussion Board, one or two or three paragraphs is probably enough to adequately cover the topic.

Remember, do not use Wikipedia or any type of Blog for the Discussion Board assignments. Also remember to paste directly into the box, which means no paper clip icon will appear next to your submission. Use the rubric to guide your thoughts.