EDU 371: Phonics Based Reading & Decoding week 2 DQ 1

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Phonemic Awareness


Read Chapter 6: Teaching Phonemic Awareness (pp. 82-100). In addition, it is highly recommended that you read the following web articles from the Reading Rockets program:

 Phonemic awareness.
Beginning reading and phonological awareness.




Choose one of the following prompts and use Option 1 or Option 2 in your post’s title as appropriate:

 Option 1: Explain the difference between phonics and phonemic awareness. Describe an activity for phonics and one for phonemic awareness. Compare how they are similar and how they are different. Option 2: Pretend that you are creating phonemic awareness centers around a single theme, which could be a text, a specific word family, etc. Design activities for each of these centers: Sound Matching, Sound Isolation, Sound Blending, Sound Substitution, and Sound Segmentation. Explain what you found easy and what you found challenging about doing this.



Please make sure to refer to chapter 6. I have attached the chapter as a docx. I also have attached the rubric scoring table.




Book:Rasinski, T. & Padak, N.D. (2013). From phonics to fluency: Effective teaching of decoding and reading fluency in the elementary school . NJ: Pearson.




If you have any question please feel free to ask me.