Educational entry level for the NP

Define the process of theory building
October 12, 2019
What changes in therapy would you recommend if the patient is tolerating the current drug therapy but had not achieved the desire BP control (average BP162/88)?
October 14, 2019
Please provide 175word message fro each of the following questions below. Need references of each of the questions. Must include a question for the class at the end of the paper.
1. Educational entry level for the NP
Should a DNP be the entry-level education for NP practice? Briefly explain your answer.
2. APRN issues
Rank the top-three trends or issues you believe to be currently most important for APNs. Provide a brief summary of why you think these are important. For the issue you ranked as most important, identify two strategies that you as an individual APN and the nursing profession as a whole should take to address these issues and strengthen advanced nursing practice.
3. Write a 175-word message in which you identify guidelines that patients may use to evaluate the accuracy of health information obtained from the Internet?
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