Environmental Health —-APA FORMAT!!!**** ((SITE VISITATION REPORT)) 2 pages

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Visit the place below and write a report about it.. Take pictures and be creative on the information you get.

*Grocery stores, meat packing industry or bakery (especially food handling as it comes in and prepared e.g. meat)* How is everything packaged and done? Is it sanitary?

Introduction What is your topic- provide a brief intro of the topic, & potential health issues Purpose of the visitation, date and time, Location: what site did you visit? Scope of service/main activity of the site, what do they do? Site description, location, who did you ask permission, tour person etc Did you prepare guiding Questions to ask/observe during your visit


What Environmental Health related issues did you observe? What are commonly known environmentally related health issues? (do some research first) Related to worker (protective device) Facility in general Working condition What tools/equipment used Health Implications or risks Possible solution or alternative/intervention to solve the issues


What did you learn, what did you like or dislike, what is your opinion regarding what you saw?