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Summarize the argument for the immorality of art on the grounds that it detaches a person from life. How does Hanson respond to this argument? Lastly, provide an example of art (including film) that you think can be criticized on moral grounds.

Formatting Requirements: 2 pages (1.5 is too short) 1-inch margins Times New Roman 12-pt font Double-spaced Page numbers on bottom right Heading on top of first page only, single spaced Title

1. Describe some of the deep-seated human desires that “Fairy Stories” aim to satisfy.

2. The common attitude is that fairy stories are for children, because children can be duped into believing in them. Why does Tolkien think that fairy stories are also for adults, and in what sense are we supposed to “believe” fairy stories?

3. If Tolkien is right about the capacity of stories to satisfy certain human desires, what ethical demands does that place on the makers and tellers of stories?