Fair play final project | Education homework help


Instructions: Develop a fair play/ sportsmanship program for one of three possible scenarios that  you will have a choice to select from : 

Select one of three possible scenarios

2. A PE teacher that wants to implement a fair play/ sportsmanship program in the varsity team they coach at school. 



Part I: Mission statement

What is your mission when implementing your value system as a coach or physical education (PE) teacher? What are the things that you program stand for? This could be a one to two paragraphs. 

Part II: Value System: what are (at least 5 ) values that you will promote through your sport / PE program. This values need to be described providing appropriate and inappropriate description and examples of each value. Example: respect, appropriate behaviors when losing a game etc etc. You can find this information through the book chapter and other readings. 

Part III. Team or PE Program Logo: Develop a team or program logo that represents your value system. 

Part IV. Letter to the parents: Develop a letter that you will send to parents at the beginning of the season or school year that represent your value system. Mention rewards and possible consequences for not following system rules.  

Part V. Conclusions: For this part you just need to write an overall reflection of the course and the things that you learn. What are the things that you might implement in the future as a PE teacher or coach? What are the things that you might do as a parent? What are the things that you agree or disagree with the information learned in this class? 

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