Fast Fashion Discussion Questions

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June 24, 2020
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Fast Fashion Discussion Questions

Fast Fashion Discussion Questions

9-14. Ways in which the case story illustrates strategic management.

Zara’s management leads strategically, for instance, the owner envisioned “fast fashion”, and today, Zara produces new fashion and gets it to the customers within two weeks only. The management also thinks strategically, and as a team to initiate viable changes like when the company succeeded in selling high fashion look-alikes, they ventured into the outdated clothing industry. The management is also flexible, and the sales managers monitor other stores closely and react quickly to any changes in the market.  

9-15. Ways in which SWOT analysis would be helpful to Inditex analysis executives and Zara store managers

A SWOT analysis would help Inditex executives to identify their strengths and opportunities such as huge market base and room for expansion, respectively.  Zara managers will also identify theirs as well, and they can capitalize on them to increase the company’s production. The leaders’ leadership will also identify possible threats and weaknesses and find ways of handling them.

9-16. Competitive advantage pursued by Zara. Ways in which Zara exploits the competitive advantage

Zara pursues a competitive differentiation advantage. Zara produces new designs and fashions frequently and in time, thus offering customers what they want and when they want it. Their products are therefore unique and customers value them hence the huge market base globally.

9-17. Explain whether Zara’s success is due to external or internal factors.

Zara’s success comes from both internal and external factors. The internal factors include a huge market base, customer loyalty, capable employers, and is among the market leaders. Among the external factors expansion in new and existing markets.

9-18. Strategic implications that Zara after moving into online retailing.

The implications of online retailing to Zara include easy access to market, reduced overheads, the potential for rapid growth, and customer intelligence. The negative impacts of online retailing may be security and fraud, and costs incurred in creating and maintain a website. However, the positive effects outweigh the negative impacts, and therefore, Zara is more likely to grow and increase its production.

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