Fictitious Nursing Program

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June 25, 2020
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June 26, 2020

Fictitious Nursing Program

Fictitious Nursing Program

Discussion one

The quality for nursing education program is significant for any institution to produce graduates that are competent practitioners. Further, the relevant issue to consider is based on the broader context of national accreditation standards which should be met as expected in terms of public interest and service delivery. Therefore, achieving the outcome expected from a nursing program needs to involve various stakeholders. Various stakeholders consist of the school board committee, the national education board, as well as the association of the nurse’s practitioners. The school board committee has the role of approving the nursing program to be included among the courses to be offered by the university.

Additionally, the national education board is also significant in recommending whether the nursing program has adhered to the rules or standards of content provided by the university. Moreover, the association of nursing practitioners has the role of approving the ethical standards in practice being offered by the university. Their objective is to determine if the program provided in the university is in according to the nursing practices within the health care system. The association of nursing practitioners are also influential in collaborating with the institutions offering nursing programs in conducting scientific or clinical research for evidence-based practice.

Discussion two

The process of developing a nursing program should involve various stakeholders within the field of the health care system to meet the standards expected in the delivery of services in health care systems. As a result, to achieve this initiative, it is relevant to invite various influential members to assist in the approval process. One of the stakeholders to include consist of clinical researchers. They are significant because they are among the individuals leading in the development innovations to improve the health care system. The other stakeholder to invite in the curriculum committee both the association of institutions offering nursing programs and the association of nursing practitioners.

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