Final Paper

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 Now is the time to pull together your hard work throughout the course, integrate the feedback you have received, and submit your final project. Ensure you have addressed each of the requirements. Remember that the requirements for the three milestones may differ somewhat from the requirements for the final project. Post any questions or concerns to the General Questions topic. 

 *******Your program plan should be at least 20 pages in length (including the cover sheet, reference page, and appendix) with 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and adherence to industry-standard guidelines for formatting and citing source 

All modules are below:

Term 4 assignment 3 is Module 3

Term 4 assignment 5 is Module 5

Term 4 assignment 7 is Module 7

This the final paper worth a lot of points

Follow rubric verbatim

The case study is also below