Financial accounting “my place, house of decor” practice set

I need the solutions to the Corporate Financial Accounting Practice Set “My Place, House of Decor”.


Please have it completed by Friday May 8, 2015 6:00PM.


Review the attached documents to understand whether or not you can complete it.


The following attachments are required to complete it:

– The End of January Worksheet

– The blank working papers

– 3 end check figures

-Chart of Accounts (Do not use accounts that are crossed out)



-Complete and follow instructions for only the months for Jan (pg.25), Feb (pg.35), and Mar (pg.45)

-Must prepare financial statements for Jan, Feb, and Mar

-Prepare End of January Worksheet

-Prepare Closing process and post-closing trials balance for March, and utilize blank pages 91 and 92

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