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  Discussion 1 Analyzing a Qualitative Research Report

Read Kiefer and Ellerbrock’s 2012 qualitative research report titled “Caring and Fun: Fostering an Adolescent-Centered Community Within an Interdisciplinary Team.” Describe how this research report could be useful to a professional in higher education.

Discussion 2

  Research to Solve Problems in Professional Practice

Briefly describe your field of professional practice. Brainstorm and share two or three examples of problems in your professional practice that may benefit from educational research. What issues or problems are you interested in examining? Why?

Discussion 3

  Problem in Professional Practice

For this discussion, draft a description of a problem in your professional practice. This problem will be the one you use for your assignment in Unit 6. Share your draft for this discussion. Describe a strategy for conducting a review of the literature to find information for a research-based solution to this problem.