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 paper segment of the grant. Take liberties utilizing your own creative ideas and further fleshing out your program development plans.  

 NorthStar Supports was established in the 1980s to provide mental health services to lower resourced  (i.e. low-income) individuals.  The agency provides counseling services to individuals, families, and groups.  Recently another mental health agency that provided school-based mental health services closed its doors. Several board members have approached the executive director about their desire to expand services, and as the closure of the other agency leaves a large gap in services in the area, the Executive Director has decided to expand the scope of services and offer school-based counseling. Currently, your overall agency budget is $2.8 million and you have 15 full-time employees. 

Northstar Supports Grant Proposal 

  1. What is the mission or the main function of the agency/organization?
  2. What is the geographic locality?
  3. What population does the agency serve?

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